Upcoming Celebration & Reenactment

May 19 and 20, 2012 • 10am-4pm

Battle of
Ramsour's Mill
Lincolnton, North Carolina
June 20, 1780

  • Tactical Presentations
  • Living History Demonstrations
  • Music & Dance Performances
  • Local Food Vendors
  • Wreath-laying Ceremony
    by the Sons of the American Revolution

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History In The Making!

The Battle of Ramsour’s Mill
Lincolnton, NC

Regarded by many as one of the pivotal battles in the South during the American Revolution, the Battle of Ramsour’s Mill holds a place of historical significance in the annals of Lincoln County. The Ramsour’s Mill Revolutionary War battlesite stands as one of our nation’s most important, significant, and unrecognized historic sites.

At Ramsour’s Mill, Tuesday, June 20, 1780, a group of volunteer Patriot (Whig) militia commanded by Colonel Francis Locke defeated a superior force of Loyalists (Tories) assembled by Lt. Colonel John Moore and aided by Major Nicholas Welch. This defeat quelled the Loyalist sentiment in the South, leading to the Patriot victory at King’s Mountain and the eventual British surrender at Yorktown. It was at Yorktown that General George Washington ordered General Benjamin Lincoln, Lincoln County namesake, to receive the sword of surrender from General O’Hara, General Lord Cornwallis’s second-in-command.

On the 1780 field of battle where 1,700 men clashed in a desperate fight for what they believed in, stands a county school campus that includes three schools and athletic fields surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Scattered amongst the campus buildings are reminders of the past. A mass grave that holds the bodies of those that perished here sits quietly on the hill top where the battle once raged. Numerous grave markers also dot the landscape in addition to several other monuments that have been erected by the survivors, family members, and the community. In addition, traces of the old road system can be found as well as the old stone bridge abutments at Clark’s Creek. The Lincoln County Historic Properties Commission owns and preserves the area of the battlefield that the Tories fled from the attack of Captain Hardin’s Company. It also has in place a preservation agreement with the school system for the historical use of open areas on the school campus. There exists today and into the future, opportunities to preserve additional land and continue to tell the story of this battle and its place in American History to generations to come.

The Lincoln County Historic Properties Commission, Lincoln County Historical Association, Lincoln County, City of Lincolnton, Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, and many others are committed to recognizing the those who fought at the Battle of Ramsour’s Mill for our country’s freedom, and we work collectively to preserve the extant historic resources located at this site.

We hope that you will join our historic preservation efforts at the Battle of Ramsour’s Mill historic site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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2012 Celebration & Reenactment

May 19 and 20, 2012 • 10am-4pm